Increase your IELTS Listening Score 9/9 IELTS Listening Tips

Score High with IELTS Listening Tips



Answer as you listen

You hear the recordings only once – so write the answers as you listen.

Anticipate the context

Listen carefully to the introduction for each section and try to anticipate what the speakers will talk about. This will help you to understand the information discussed by the speakers and easy to answer.For Eg. Penalty starts at £……………….( In the blank, definitely you can expect a number not a name of a person / documents etc)

Get familiar with British accent

The accents of the speakers are primarily British. It is better to spend time in the months before the test watching to British Channels like BBC and the movies.

Get used to the way letter and numbers are pronounced in English

In the listening section, you are sometimes asked to write down the spelling of a name, place or address. Spelling mistake will get the answer wrong.For Eg. In British accent the number 0 is pronounced as alphabet o.

The questions follow the oral text

The questions always follow the order of the recording. If you miss a question, don’t panic. Keep going with the next question.Even in case of complicated diagram or tabular column, just have to follow the question number.

Learn to distinguish opinion from fact

In the third and fourth listening passages, you will probably be tested on what one of the speakers’ thinks or what his/her view is. This may or may not be stated outright, but as an underlying theme in the whole conversation or in the tone of the speaker’s voice, rather than the words themselves.

Listen to the intonation of the speaker

As this could help you to decide whether the sentence is positive or negative.

Underline keywords

it is useful to underline key words in the question to help you focus on the words ( or similar words) to listen for. This is useful especially in case of multiple choice questions.

Follow instructions very carefully

If the instruction state, “choose two answers for each question”, then you must select two answers, otherwise you will receive no marks for your answer, even if one of the answer is correct.

Avoid repetition of the question

When you transfer your answers to the answer sheet, don’t copy any extra words from the question paper. For eg. The Name of the Tutor is John ………. (in the listening if you hear the name of the Tutor as John peter, write only peter in your answer sheet).

Write clearly

When you transfer your answers to the answer sheet. Avoid overwriting and scribbling.