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Leading IELTS coaching centre in Trivandrum with more than 500 + students SCORED  IELTS 7+ in first attempt.   

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The main reason why Majority of the Students in Trivandrum prefer GREENS ACADEMY as their Right choice for IELTS Training is Nothing But our

  • Best Results IELTS 7 and Above in First Attempt
  • Best Study Environment and fully equipped Classrooms
  • 16 years Experienced Faculty
  • Most Encouraging study atmosphere with intensive practice in all four modules
  • Daily Individual Speaking session with personal attention
  • wide range of international IELTS study and practice materials


Greens Academy – Leading IELTS Training centre in Trivandrum with intensive IELTS coaching on all the four Modules ( Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking). We are rated as NO:1 IELTS centre in Trivandrum; as ielts coaching is not just about speaking in English , but all about the knack of training the students to understand the nuance of ielts exam and helping them to crack IELTS 7+ in first attempt. Certainly GREENS Academy has the most number of IELTS 7+ scorers.

We are able to retain as the best IELTS Coaching centre in Trivandrum since 2002, as we have faculties who are British council & IDP ielts trained and have extensive experience in working close with IELTS exam centres.

As an authorised Ielts training centre in Trivandrum with British Council & IDP; we are updated, trained by experts from University of Cambridge and exactly know the expectations from IELTS examiners .This close network with British council help us to easily tackle most popular questions from ielts students like “ How to Score IELTS 7+?”, How to do ielts writing Task 1?, How to write ielts Task 2?, How to do speed reading in ielts ? , How to improve ielts listening skills? Etc.

Candidates immigrating to countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and other European countries require High ielts score of 7+ and every candidate needs individual attention and that’s assured @ GREENS ACADEMY.

We are not a one-man show IELTS Trivandrum Centre, but have team of British Council trained faculties and can guarantee Individual Speaking sessions for all candidates everday, personal help with IELTS writing, and share tips with students from Malayalam medium to improve their ielts scores.

We provide complete help from Ielts Training to Ielts Exam booking in Trivandrum, Cochin, kottayam, Trichur, Angamaly, Calicut, and other centres in India.

  • ( IELTS Academic & General Training, UKVI IELTS Academic & General Training, UKVI Life Skills A1, UKVI Life Skills B1 training available)

Our success mantra includes 

  • Expert faculty ( British council Trained)
  • Updated study materials include books,CD’s and study guides.
  • Special Workshops & seminars on ielts with Language experts.
  • Spacious classroom and interactive learning enviornment
  • Intensive practise on all four IELTS modules ( Listening, Reading, writing, Speaking)
  • Individual speaking session
  • Weekly Mock tests and evaluation
  • Individual help with tips to improve scores
  • Motivating students to speak in English in the classroom.
  • Improving confidence in communication by Group discussion, Individual presentation and research on possible essay topics like International games & sports, modern day education system, global warming, consumerism, ecotourism etc….

Class timings:

Full time – 9.30 a.m -4.30 p.m

Part-time  – 7.30 a.m – 9.30 a.m ( suitable for working professionals)

9.30 a.m– 1.30 p.m

2.00 p.m -4.00 p.m

Both weekdays & Weekends.

Our IELTS Training Centre at Pattom is fully equipped with comprehensive Practice Materials including the very latest questions and state of Art Listening facilities. Besides students performance is continuously  monitored and ensured by our Team of Faculties.

Separate Hostel facilities for Boys & Girls.

So what’s next ? Call now  9946328817 and confirm your IELTS training & IELTS exam slot.

  • 4 modules training + Mock test and Evaluation by an experienced Trainer.
  • Exclusive Individual Attention for Writing and Speaking modules
  • From Monday to Friday (10.00 am – 4.00 pm)
  • Daily Intensive Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking practices.
  • Course Fee: Please call us for duration and fees.


Please contact: 0471 – 4066222 / 4066223

IELTS online Training

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Having a good deal of English vocabulary is an added advantage for every IELTS aspirant. An appropriate vocabulary definitely helps to bring a great attention to both your Writing and Speaking modules.

Below are the List of vocabularies which could be used when and where required. Good Luck !


Vocabulary Meaning
Abate become less in amount or intensity
Chicanery The use of tricks to deceive someone
Disseminate cause to become widely known
Gainsay take exception to
Latent potentially existing but not presently evident or realized
Aberrant Markedly different from an accepted norm
Dissolution separation into component parts
Laud praise, glorify, or honour
Abeyance temporary cessation or suspension
Lethargic deficient in alertness or activity
abscond run away, often taking something or somebody along
Cogent Powerfully persuasive
Abstemious marked by temperance in indulgence
commensurate corresponding in size or degree or extent
Grandiloquent Lofty in style
Levity a manner lacking seriousness
admonish scold or reprimand; take to task
compendium a publication containing a variety of works
diverge move or draw apart
Gregarious temperamentally seeking and enjoying the company of others
Adulterate make impure by adding a foreign or inferior substance
Complaisant showing a cheerful willingness to do favors for others
divest take away possessions from someone
Aesthetic characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste
compliant disposed to act in accordance with someone’s wishes
Gullible naive and easily deceived or tricked
lucid transparently clear; easily understandable
aggregate a sum total of many heterogeneous things taken together
Conciliatory making or willing to make concessions
dogmatic pertaining to a code of beliefs accepted as authoritative
Alacrity liveliness and eagerness , Enthusiastic
condone excuse, overlook, or make allowances for
dormant inactive but capable of becoming active
Alleviate provide physical relief, as from pain
Confound be confusing or perplexing to
hyperbole extravagant exaggeration
Amalgamate to bring or combine together or with something else
Iconoclastic characterized by attack on established beliefs
malleable capable of being shaped or bent
Ambiguous having more than one possible meaning
Contention the act of competing as for profit or a prize
Eclectic selecting what seems best of various styles or idea
Ambivalence mixed feelings or emotions
Efficacy capacity or power to produce a desired effect



Vocabulary Meaning
Immutable not subject or susceptible to change or variation
Ameliorate to make better
Impair make worse or less effective
Anachronism something located at a time when it could not have existed
Conundrum a difficult problem
Meticulous marked by precise accordance with details
Analogous similar or equivalent in some respects
converge be adjacent or come together
Elicit call forth, as an emotion, feeling, or response
Impediment hindrance or obstacle
misanthrope someone who dislikes people in general
anarchy a state of lawlessness and disorder
convoluted highly complex or intricate
embellish make more attractive, as by adding ornament or colour
impermeable preventing especially liquids to pass or diffuse through
mitigate lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of
Empirical derived from experiment and observation rather than theory
Antipathy a feeling of intense dislike
Daunt cause to lose courage
Emulate strive to equal or match, especially by imitating
Impervious not admitting of passage or capable of being affected
apathy an absence of emotion or enthusiasm
decorum propriety in manners and conduct
endemic native to or confined to a certain region
Implacable incapable of being appeased or pacified
mundane found in the ordinary course of events
appease make peace with
enervate weaken mentally or morally
Implicit suggested though not directly expressed
negate make ineffective by counterbalancing the effect of
Deference courteous regard for people’s feelings
neophyte any new participant in some activity
Delineate represented accurately or precisely
advertently Careful or delicate manner
Ephemeral anything short-lived, as an insect that lives only for a day
arduous characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion
Equanimity steadiness of mind under stress
incongruity the quality of disagreeing
Artless simple and natural; without cunning or deceit
derivative a compound obtained from another compound
inconsequential lacking worth or importance
Ascetic someone who practices self-denial as a spiritual discipline
Erudite having or showing profound knowledge
assiduous marked by care and persistent effort
desultory marked by lack of definite plan or regularity or purpose
Esoteric understandable only by an enlightened inner circle
deterrent something immaterial that interferes with action or progress


Vocabulary Meaning
Paucity Lack of , Scarcity
indigence a state of extreme poverty or destitution
Attenuate become weaker, in strength, value, or magnitude
Euphemism an inoffensive expression substituted for an offensive one
Oscillate move or swing from side to side regularly
Audacious disposed to venture or take risks
exacerbate make worse
ostentatious intended to attract notice and impress others
diffidence lack of self-assurance
Ingenious Having great inventive and imaginative skill
Ingenuous lacking in sophistication or worldliness
autonomous existing as an independent entity
diffuse spread out; not concentrated in one place
exigency a pressing or urgent situation
inherent existing as an essential constituent or characteristic
aver declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true
Digression a message that departs from the main subject
Innocuous not injurious to physical or mental health
Banal repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse
insensible barely able to be perceived
Facilitate Make easier
discerning having or revealing keen insight and good judgment
Fallacious containing or based on incorrect reasoning
Bolster support and strengthen
Discordant not in agreement or harmony
Insularity the state of being isolated or detached
Penury / Penurious Condition of extreme poverty or Destitution
Perennial lasting an indefinitely long time
discrepancy a difference between conflicting facts or claims or opinions
Burgeon grow and flourish
Discrete constituting a separate entity or part
disingenuous not straightforward or candid
disinterested unaffected by concern for one’s own welfare
Cacophonous having an unpleasant sound
Capricious Unpredictable or determined by chance only
castigation verbal punishment
Disparage express a negative opinion of
Itinerary an established line of travel or access
catalyst substance that initiates or accelerates a chemical reactionA person or thing that precipitates an event or change
disparate fundamentally different or distinct in quality or kind
frugality prudence in avoiding waste
Laconic brief and to the point
futile producing no result or effect
Plethora extreme excess
Sporadic recurring in scattered or unpredictable instances
tractable easily managed
Plummet drop sharply
Transgression the violation of a law or a duty or moral principle
Resolve find a solution or answer
IELTS Test Dates of British Council & IDP India . Venue : Trivandrum
Date Module British council IDP India
6 April 2019 Academic & General Training Apply Now
13 April 2019 Academic Apply Now Apply Now
27 April 2019 Academic & General Training Apply Now Apply Now
4 May 2019 Academic Apply Now Apply Now
11 May 2019 Academic & General Training Apply Now Apply Now
23 May 2019 Academic & General Training Apply Now Apply Now
1 June 2019 Academic & General Training Apply Now Apply Now

IELTS Latest Speaking Module # 1: (Based on Memory)


  1. Are you coming from a city side or outskirts?
  2. Do you like city life?
  3. Are you traveling to places very often?
  4. What kinds of places you are interested in visiting?
  5. Are you facing any issues with the transport system of your city?

Part 2 : CUE CARD

Describe a disagreement that you had with another person. You should say

  • Who the other person was
  • What the disagreement was about
  • How you resolved it
  • And what the result was.

Part 3

  1. What is the importance of personal values in decision making?
  2. What factors need to be considered before making huge decisions?
  3. What is the relevance of “disagreement” in modern society
  4. What is the disagreement between people who have had political and ideological agenda?
  5. What is the influence of media in compounding the rhetorical approach of government leaders in modern society?


IELTS Latest Speaking Module # 2: (Based on Memory)

Part 1:

  1. Do you work or study ?
  2. What do you study about ?
  3. What do you usually do after the work ?
  4. Are you interested in robot?
  5. Did you watch robot animation when you were child?
  6. Do you think you can travel with robot driving car?
  7. Do you think people will use more public transportation than now in future?
  8. Is it easy to get your college by public transportation?

Part 2: CUE CARD

Describe a quiet place you like to spend sometime

  • Where is it?
  • When do you go there ?
  • Explain about the place

Part 3:

  1. Are you comfortable with no back ground music or no noise situation ?
  2. How important the quietness for people of all ages?
  3. Why do people study at cafeteria with background music rather than study at quiet place such as library?
  4. Why do shops or cafeteria play music?
  5. Is noise serious problem in the most of cities?
  6. Do you think government need to do something for city noise problem?


IELTS Latest Speaking Module # 3: (Based on Memory)

Part 1

  1. What is your full name?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. Do you work or study?
  4. What subject are you studying?
  5. Which is the most popular subject in your country?
  6. What is the most interesting part of your study?
  7. Do you eat fruit as a part of your meal?
  8. What kind of fruit do you like? Why?
  9. Is it important to eat fruit?

Part 2 :CUE CARD

Talk about an invention that has changed the world for the better.

  • What is it?
  • When and where was it invented?
  • Is it useful for different age groups?

Part 3

  1. What invention is used the most at home in your opinion?
  2. Do you think the most useful and important inventions of the world were already made?
  3. Do you think the invention of wheel was very important?
  4. Do you support the invention of new nuclear devices?
  5. What leads a person to invent something?


IELTS Latest Speaking Module # 4: (Based on Memory)

Part 1

  1. Are you living in an apartment or independent house?
  2. What type houses are common in your area?
  3. Are there any traditional houses exist in your area?
  4. How do you spend time with your neighbours?
  5. What kinds of problems are faced by neighbours?
  6. Is there any common entertainment place in your locality?

Part 2: CUE CARD

Talk about a type of clothing you are mostly wearing

  • What is it?
  • Why you wear most of the time?
  • Who suggest you to wear?
  • Are there any other clothing you replace to it sometimes

Part 3

  1. Does formal wear is having an advantage in interviews?
  2. Why some organizations allow their employees to wear casuals during their work?
  3. Do the types of clothes people wear determine their characteristics?
  4. Describe the advantages of ready-made wear over bespoke one.